Company Information

Martin’s Data Management was established in 1986 as a division of Martin’s Storage under the ownership of R. Paul Martin Construction Co. Ltd. This division was created to address the very specific needs of corporate clients in the Kingston area that found themselves in need of a highly customized, managed service for the handling active and inactive records. This service quickly expanded to include the management of vaulted media for disaster recovery, confidential destruction and document imaging.

As Martin’s Storage continued to expand in the self-storage and secure warehousing industry, Martin’s Data Management continued to expand its product offering to incorporate new technology that helped grow the client base to include several different financial institutions, professional services, (legal, medical, accounting), large industrial and corporate organizations, not-for-profits, and government entities at all levels, (municipal, provincial, and federal).

While we continue to grow each year, we pride ourselves on maintaining a close connection with the Kingston community and our clients. Martin’s continues to offer clients secure, confidential services with fully bondable staff, using state-of-the-art technology, to perform all aspects of data management and secure destruction services, all in-house.

Martin’s Data Management offers safe, secure and customized services to manage:

Secure Off-Site Storage

Clients can expect clean, secure storage space that is fully climate controlled and equipped with access control features, 24-hour security monitoring, and CCTV systems. We are able to customize storage to individual client’s requirements ranging from self-contained client managed space, to our fully bonded records centres, or a combination thereof, depending on the clients comfort and need to access materials. All standard climate controlled areas kept between 66 and 74 degrees ferenheit depending on occupancy and record type.

Active Records

All clients, regardless of the storage option selected, can opt to have Martin’s manage their active records, saving valuable time and costs. Client records are accepted by Martin’s and provided a unique barcode that is stored in our database with detailed information about the contents of the record and retention period. These records can then be reviewed and requested by authorized users through Martin’s online client portal, by email or over the phone, for same-day, next day, rush or emergency delivery/pick-up.

Inactive/Semi-active Records

Similar to active records, inactive/semi-active records are received by Martin’s Data Management, provided a unique barcode and entered into the database with detailed information and retention period. All records are then stored securely within Kingston to adhere to best practices and maintain full PIPEDA-PHIPA compliance, while also providing the ability for the same timely retrieval as active records.

Document Imaging

Clients can now save-time, and collaborate on records, project files, or studies with the help of electronic records management. Clients can request that archived or active records/files be scanned and uploaded to a secure server, hosted in Ontario, for direct access through the online client portal. Alternatively, clients can opt for the traditional method of secure fax or email.

Retention Schedule and Records Destruction (Life Cycle Management)

Martin’s Data Management offers a full range of confidential records destruction which includes, paper records, electronic media, (i.e. optical media, magnetic media), non-paper records (i.e. mylar), and corporate seals. Predominately, all materials are taken off-site and brought to our bonded facility where they are destroyed and mixed with like materials from the current batch. This form of off-site destruction provide a highly secure destruction environment and reduces carbon emissions by spending as little time as possible operating equipment or vehicles at client sites. Martin’s then recycles all possible materials at approved facilities, and provides a certificate of destruction upon completion.

For records, (active and archived), managed by Martin’s, the retention period is tracked from the information as detailed above, and upon the end of specific record’s retention period, notification is sent to the client. The client then provides authorization to proceed with secure, confidential destruction of the record.

Online Records Management

Clients have full access to detailed reporting for their records inventory, and records activity, through the online client portal. Clients can review historical activity by individual record, department, organization and view the current status of a given record or set of records.

Our Shredding Service

Service when you need it - Same-day service provides our customers with the ability to sort and dispose of documents and other materials whenever it’s convenient for them. One call to our office and we can arrange same-day pick-up. Regular scheduled service is also available.

Trained Personnel - All of our staff, from customer service representatives to on-site service staff, receive training on security procedures, customer service and accessible customer service for persons with disabilities, (fully compliant with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act).

Fully Bondable - Our facilities are secured and only accessible by our fully bonded staff. All data centres, shred compounds and vaults are fully secured areas.

Discrete Shred Consoles – We offer a variety of sizes of secure shred consoles to offer convenient, regular shredding service of sensitive documents. Our consoles range in size from 75L to 200L containers that come in different styles and colours. All consoles are lockable and have a single feed slot in the top for deposit of sensitive materials. 

Materials Recycled - All materials are shred into unrecognizable strips, blended with other like materials and brought in an unmarked vehicle to an approved recycling facility for environmentally responsible disposal.

Disintegration Services - Service can be offered to render materials completely unrecognizable and unrecoverable.

Certificate of Destruction - Proof of destruction can be sent immediately following the materials disposal, or on a weekly/monthly basis depending on the customers preference.